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I would like to thank all of my CAC customers for being so supportive of CAC Plumbing LLC through the years. We have been very blessed to keep the wheels turning for many years. I am proud to say on our 10th year in business we have added another entity. Our new entity is CAC Potty House- Clean As Crap; Motto "We Take Crap From Everybody." Thanks to some of our CAC Customers for the input at our Annual Dinner for the great slogans. If it would have been possible to use all of the suggestions I would have! I have picked two slogans: 1) "Clean As Crap" by Anika White 2) "We Take Crap From Everybody" by Daryl Trivette. Again, I would like to thank all of our CAC Plumbing LLC Customers for your continued support. We look forward to many more years with you. Don't forget about our new entity we are now starting. If you know of anyone who is in need of a portable toilet to give us a call.
Anika White
David T
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